Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Heading to the USA

First of all, Praise God that we are going to be back with our children for Christmas and have the chance to update all of our prayer partners about what God has been doing.

Since our time is limited we will not just be speaking at churches but also planning "Missions Parties" A Missions Party is a lot like a Tupperware Party except that you aren't there to hear about Tupperware, you are there to hear about Missions and particularly what God is doing in Kenya. 

Our time is short, so if you want to host a Missions Party let us know NOW.
We are working out our calendar right now and you can get on there while there are still dates available.

We are will be in 
West Virginia
North Carolina,
South Carolina,
and Kentucky

Hope we get to see you,
Alan, Leah and Ross