Saturday, February 19, 2011

Goals for our time in the US

January was a great month of ministry for us.
We had the opportunity to speak at 4 different churches.
It is truly a joy to be able to share what God is doing in Kenya.

We believe that God wants us to return to Kenya with a
strong prayer base and a strong financial support base.

We need the prayer base so that we can remain strong in our faith and resist the tests that Satan will surely put in our path.

We need the financial support base so that we can focus on spreading the gospel and not be constantly bogged down with fund-raising so that we can pay our bills.

Here are the goals we need to reach
Prayer -1000 prayer partners supporting our work in Kenya.
Financial -300 financial partners supporting our work in Kenya.

Please be in prayer with us, that God will help us to reach these goals in His time and give us the patience that we need to wait on Him.

Thank you!