Friday, November 5, 2010

Settling into Life in North Carolina

Our relationship with the believers in Kenya going to be long distance for a while. We will continue to work on the Sunday School Material and web site for the church in Kenya.  For a while we will be an extension of the church there by witnessing and discipling people here.

What will our ministry entail when we are in the US? 

1) We will be involved in two local churches while we are in NC. White Rock UMC and Mt Pleasant BC. We will be participating on various levels, helping with Sunday School, witnessing to people outside the church, discipling new believers, and other projects.

2) We will be traveling to churches all over the US to share the work God is doing in Kenya. If you want us to share the things God has used us to do with your church, please send us a note. Also, please make sure that we have your church on our "contact" list. Once we have a car, we will be contacting churches and scheduling opportunities to share God's miracles in Kenya.

3) During our time here in the US with you, we will be trying to renew the vision for God's plans in our lives. We will be holding spiritual hands with you as God uses you to renew our spirit.

Thank you for your prayers,
We hope we will see all of you soon