Friday, February 12, 2010

February-Ministry Prayer Requests

1) Sunday School Curriculum-Pray that we will be able to finalize the Evangelism Track of Stories that we are doing with the Sunday School and that we will be able to get started AND finish the Discipleship Track before we leave for America later this year.
2) Isiolo-Pray for a trip that we are planning to Isiolo.  We will be doing some interviews of people involved in the New Church Plants in that area, we will be soul searching for where God wants us to live when we come back from the US and we will be doing research for a trip that we will be making up there in May.
3) Teaching-Pray for the two classes that we will be teaching in Kenya Baptist Theological College in March We need to do the preparations for those classes this month.
4) Witnessing-Pray that God will continue to put people in our path that we can share the gospel with and lead them to Christ. 
5) Bible Storying-Pray for Alan and Leah each as they lead different people through the Evangelism Track of Chronological Bible Stories. Pray that we will be able to lead those attending to salvation. 
6) Future-Pray that God will clearly outline to us where He wants us to live and conduct ministry when we return from the USA. 
7) Prayer Team-We are praying for God to lead 1000 people to join us in prayer for the Borana People and our ministry among them before we leave for the US. (we have reached 764)