Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Final Steps

It seems as though we are finally accomplishing the final steps towards our return to Kenya.

1) Praise the Lord we received Ross' US Passport.

2) Praise the Lord we have an appointment with a mission agency that has agreed to do our covering for our non-profit status.

3) Please pray as we meet with this agency, that God will direct us and tell us if we should partner with them.

4) Please pray for us as we determine the exact date we should return to Kenya. The Kenya Presidential Elections are March 4th.  The last presidential election ended in a war that killed over 800 people and displaced over 600,000 people.  We have been advised by our mentors and veteran missionaries in Kenya to wait until after the elections to book our tickets. And we feel that this is the wise course of action.

5) Please continue to pray for our spiritual preparation for our return to Kenya. It is important that we are spiritually prepared for the battle that we will surely face when we arrive. Satan does not want us to be there and he will oppose us.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. They release God's power to work miracles in our lives and we appreciate them.